Engineered Wood

Engineered wood consists of a top layer made of the desired wood species (maple, oak, etc) and several less expensive wood layers underneath. You get the look of an expensive wood species for less and are often allowed more variety in installation methods.


Tradition is never wrong. Hardwood are most commonly installed by nailing-down, or stapling to plywood installed below. Hardwood floors add value and character to a home and are often desired by new home buyers.


Laminates are extremely durable and hold up well in homes with pets, small children, and heavy traffic areas. They don't fade over time and are usually a fraction of the cost of other flooring alternatives.


Bamboo is loved for many reasons. It is eco-friendly, elegant in appearance, and is more durable than oak when the proper top coat is applied.


Like bamboo, cork is a renewable resource. It will never mildew or mold and is often used in wet areas of homes with complementing bamboo installed in the dry areas. Cork is softer to walk on than other hard surfaces and acts as a sound muffler in comparison with other hard flooring options.

Flooring Repairs

If you have hard flooring in your home other than tile, you know how devestating a water leak or minor disaster in your home can be. No matter how large or small the area, we can restore your flooring to it's pre-disaster condition.

Custom Stairs

Are you planning on installing new hard flooring in your home? Consider covering your stairs with the same wood, bamboo, laminate or cork. We can stain your stair's handrail to match. You will love the continuity of the floored surfaces and will never have to vacuum again.